Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Big Bathroom Cleaning Day

The Spring clean has proven to be more difficult to handle than I would have assumed. I've managed to clean all places almost according to the schedule, but thing is that I've concentrated on it so much that while one room is under the spring clean the other rooms are neglected. That means that we have not vacuumed other rooms in weeks, or done the dishes in weeks, or changed the sheets or dusted or anything in any other rooms. Which is horrible. Our place is a huge mess. It hasn't also helped that we have been getting all sorts of stuff from A's relative who passed away. I also blame the fact that A has been home because of his sick leave and of course anyone who is home all day will start to do things and clutter places. I'm sure he's put many of the stuff back after he has used them but he's also forgotten some, which happens, it's called living.

When I came home from work on Monday and looked at our home, I realized how messy it was. I had a painting project that I did in the bathroom and I thought that I will finish the painting and then we will start a cleaning session, but the painting took longer than I thought and suddenly it was nine o'clock in the evening. Then I suggested to A that we should clean the apartment on Tuesday. We usually clean so that A vacuums all rooms and wipes the kitchen counters. I clean the toilet and the bathroom and dust everywhere. It usually takes us about one hour, but now I decided to clean the toilet, bathroom and sauna more thoroughly since it was the bathroom week of the spring clean (no, actually it was last week, but I hadn't cleaned them yet).

I had cleaned the toilet floor last week, so in the toilet the cleaning was easy, just wiped all surfaces and the mirror, cleaned the toilet seat and the hand washing basin. I could still wipe all the walls and the door. But that's left for some other day.

I washed the sauna first since all it's water runs from the sauna to the drain in the bathroom side. Then wiped the counters, cleaned the toilet seat, all the walls, the shower, the floor and finally the hand washing basin. That took forever. Maybe I clean the bathroom too rarely since I seemed to have no routine how to do what. I had all sort of buckets on the way and had no place where to put the shampoos and soaps while I was cleaning. I just moved everything around.

Now the bathroom is so wet, but clean. I placed the shower curtain to laundry, so the bathroom seems a bit gloomy and hospital like. But anyway, the bathroom cleaning is done. Also A did vacuum, so things are looking better in the rest of the house too.

Next on the spring clean, the bedroom, maybe about that on friday's post.


  1. I find it really interesting to see your bathroom. The shower floor being at the same level as the toilet floor--ith no separator or divider would be very unusual here in Canada. (So would having a sauna!). I imagine it isn't difficult to just hose things down while you are showering.

    I have been neglecting other rooms too while I am concentrating on just one. It's not a good idea.

    1. There used to be a separate tub, but a very low one maybe half a feet tall, that was just raised bit off the floor. But the edges were not sealed between the tub and the wall and lot of water and dirt run under it. The underside was so difficult to clean that we took the tub off. I would like to have some edges, but on the other hand the floor is now very easy to wipe dry, so it's not a big issue. I don't think edges are that usual here.

  2. Love that you guys have your own sauna! I'm impressed that you still keep going with the spring cleaning. I had the same problem when cleaning up the kitchen, dining and living room for my latest photos that every other room got neglected. Will have to work on that this weekend...


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