Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Quick building greenhouse

I have tomato seedlings again. I sowed many seeds on smallish pots, about ten per pot. I used cling foil to keep the growing contitions humid and light.

The cling foil was actually placed on top of the pots much nicer at first but then the seedling grew so long that they hit the cling foil and started to bend under it.

First I thought of making a tent out of grill sticks and cling foil. But found out a much quicker and easier solution. I just placed jars upside down on top of the pots. Looks odd, but works perfect and gives the seedlings longer time to grow before replanting.


  1. It really seems to be working. How big will these tomato plant get? And will you be planting them outside once they grow? (can you tell I've never grown seedlings before?)

    1. These can get 6 feet tall, which is quite tall. I will plant them to bigger pots soon and then in even bigger ones which is when I will also place them in the conservatory, that will most likely happen in early June. Tomato cannot tolerate cold, so I need to wait till there is no danger of night frosts. In Finland tomatoes grow well in conservatories of greenhouses, not so well outside. But I bet in NY area outside cultivating works too as long as there is much sun.

  2. Clever idea! We used to have tomatoes in our sideyard (very sunny) in our first apartment. Funny how much better fruit or vegetables taste when you grow them yourself.

  3. That's a great idea! And I think it looks kind of neat. :)


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