Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Got my grip back

I lost the spring clean inspiration last week, perhaps because it's turned quite cold outside and we've got lots of snow again. I also started a craft that created so much dust that the vacuuming and mopping we had done earlier last week was a total waste of time. I knew I had to vacuum again and I hate vacuuming. And because I hadn't vacuumed again I thought I couldn't dust either. I did wash the sofa slip covers, the dining table seat cushion covers and the curtains, but I postponed putting them back. So the living room had even a bigger mess after the spring clean week than before it.

On Monday I thought I should get my grip back and do at least something. So I put the dining chair cushion covers back on and the sofa slip covers. The sofa slip covers are usually bit of a hassle since they are so tight that A needs to squeeze the cushions while I pull the cover over the cushion. On Tuesday I hung the curtains, I thought of ironing them, but in the end I didn't bother. Those are linen, so wrinkly is fine, also they will straighten a bit when they hang there. I also re-vacuumed the floor and dusted all horizontal surfaces.

Take the carpet outside and give it a beat CHECK
Vacuum and mop floor CHECK, Vacuumed twice
Wash sofa slip covers and dining table seat cushion covers CHECK
Wash curtains CHECK
Vacuum sofa CHECK
Go through CDs, try to convince A to let go of some

If you are intrested in some before shots, those can be found from here.

I haven't placed the seat cushions on the seats since I'm still continuing the messy craft I started and I do that over the dining table. 

Ugh... those cables behing the TV are really ugly. Have not had the energy to tackle those.

There is still some stuff near the sofa, but A requires those, so I'll leave them be.

+ Brainstorm a shoe rack for the terrace shoes CHECK
 I do think I've figured out what I will make. I was trying to find a piece of metal formed like in this shoe rack, from the factory area at work, but I haven't seen anything good. And I don't have any metal working skills or tools so maybe it would be too difficult. And I certainly don't want to buy one, those are ridiculously expensive. I will make a little something out of wood.

I haven't gone through the CD's, I know we have too much of them, but on the other hand we are not drowning in them. Those do fit in the place we keep them in. I'll do this later... maybe.

But instead of going through the CD's I wiped the white leather armchair clean and polished it. I've understood that leather should be treated from time to time to keep it nice looking. I wiped the leather with a damp rag and saddle soap. That soap is sold in any place that sell riding gear, atleast in Finland. It's very good and apparently it does not dry out the leather. I have cut that piece of soap from a bigger bar my sister had, she rides a lot. I use this soap for all leather, shoes, bags, anything.

I use also natural wax to polish the leather. I've understood bee wax based would be the best, I don't know what wax we have at home since the jar does not specify it. Anyway I try to avoid any chemicals. I wipe the wax on the surface, then wait for 15 to 30 minutes and wipe the excess wax off with a clean rag.

This week I'm supposed to be consentrating on the office. Since the office is under renovation that's been put to hold because the weather is acting up, I don't know what I can achieve there. There are stuff all over though that could be put away and I could quicly vacuum the room.


  1. What is it about sunny day's that motivates us to clean (vs. a dark rainy day)? Thanks for the saddle soap tip!

    1. Yes that is odd, it would make more sense to clean on the inside when there is nothing good to do outside. But it does not work that way.
      And you're welcome.


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