Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Spring clean: Living room to-do list

The living room has gotten a bit out of hand lately. A has been home on a sick leave with his knee and because he has had hard time moving he has gathered all sorts of things near the sofa. So the livingroom definately needs some cleaning.

This spring I've had the sudden urge to change the living room TV-unit/bookshelf. Also I want to paint the walls. And I want everything to be white. Our living room is so dark. The conservatory makes it even darker on winter when snow is on the conservatory roof and no light comes through. Now it's getting better, but the living room could be even lighter.

Just look at that arsenal of remote controls, that's ridiculous.

A's knee is already better and he can walk a bit without the crunches. Only a few days ago he had a huge pillow pile on the sofa where he could keep his foot up. Now he does not need that anymore. So maybe this is not too early to try to make the living room nice again. My plan is to do the following.

Take the carpet outside and give it a beat
Vacuum and mop floor
Wash sofa slip covers and dining table seat cushion covers
Wash curtains
Vacuum sofa
Go through CDs, try to convince A to let go of some

+ Brainstorm a shoe rack for the terrace shoes

I've already collected some inspiration on Pinterest. I would like to have a system where the shoes or the rack are not on the floor, although I do like the looks of the pebble tray.


  1. Hehehe- I think A and I might have something in common- I must have the remote near my hand at all times. Now following you on Pinterest.

    1. I only require the radio remote :)

  2. The pebble tray looks great but I also love the wood boxes or the pallet, you can store more shoes that way too.


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