Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Spring clean: kitchen undone

Alana is again having an extensive list of chores for the spring clean in the kitchen. I will not be as productive. I spent lot of time last year cleaning the cabinets inside out. This time I'm not going to touch the insides much. It took just too long and those are still pretty neat from last year. I shortened Alana's list and altered some tasks to suit our kitchen. Here is my list.

Mop floor
Wipe counters
Clean fridge CHECK
Clean inside of oven CHECK
Clean stove CHECK
Move the oven and clean the back and sides of the oven.
Clean exterior of small appliances
Clean trash can and trash can cabinet
Wash windows
Clean coffee maker CHECK
Wash curtains
Wipe cabinet doors and back splash

And here are a few before pictures of the kitchen in all it's glory

On monday I started the kitchen spring clean by washing the dishes. We do have a dishwasher, but there is always something to wash by hand, usually just a few wooden spatulas and a couple pans or pots. I emptied the lowest shelf of the dish drying cabinet, on the top ones we keep our glasses and mugs permanently. Then did the dishes, there were not much, few big things. After I closed the cabinet doors it was already looking whole lot better.

Then I cleaned the stove. We have a very old fashioned electric stove which has iron hobs. The good thing about the stove is that it tolerates hard scrubbing unlike ceramic or induction stoves (at least so I've understood).

I use this kind of metal brush to get the gunk from the hobs. It's very efficient. Not much chemicals is needed with that. I'm a bit annoyed that the hobs have some stains on them that do not just come out. I cannot really understand why they don't. I don't know what could cause as stubborn stains on cast iron. Those have been there for years.

Also finished three other tasks, and I was going to write about those but it felt just boring. Scroll up and read there all the tasks that have been checked.

So I'm not finished with the kitchen yet. I will continue work there on the end of the week. I will post the final kitchen post either on Friday or Monday depending how I get things done. I will wash the curtains when ever I need to wash light coloured laundry which might not happen this week. Also I will wash the windows if weather is ok and while I'm at it I will most likely wash all the east and north facing windows.


  1. I don't think I've ever seen your entire kitchen before. It's lovely.

    What a cool stove. I've never seen anything like it before. I love your dish drainer cupboard, too. They are a very European thing. So smart! I am working on a mid-eek post--it's taking longer than the cleaning did!

    I love your little cafe curtains too.

    1. I like our kitchen too, I love that it's so white and timeless.
      That stove is very common here, although old fashioned.
      Can's wait for your mid-eek post.

  2. Very cute kitchen! I used to love to clean my grandmothers stove tops, she had this stuff to blacken them. You had to put it on while the tops are still hot and I loved the smell of it. The fumes were probably super bad for ones health ;)

    1. Blacken the hobs? I have never heard of that. I wonder if they still sell it. That stuff could hide the spots we have on the hobs.

  3. I will ask my grandmother what she used to blacken the hobs. Maybe they still make it.

    1. Thanks, but my friend already hinted where I could find that stuff. I will make a post about that later. Thanks again, without you making that comment my hobs wouldn't look as amazing as they look now :D

  4. Great that you found it and that it worked! :)


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