Monday, 26 March 2012

Entry cleaning flowing better

The cleaning of the entry started to flow a bit easier once I turned the focus out of decluttering to actual cleaning. That was whole lot easier task because I can be responsible of it on my own. A will go through some of the entry boxes later and declutter in his own slow way.

Here is the chores list I had for the entry cleaning. In the end I did manage to check off most of the tasks.  Before pictures can be found from fridays entry post.

Vacuum the entry and the vestibule CHECK
Take the carpets outdoors and give them a beat CHECK
Polish shoes CHECK
Wash the down jacket and put it in the deep storage CHECK
Declutter and wash items from the mitten/hat boxes CHECK
Declutter and wipe the umbrellas and the umbrella stand
Wipe shoe racks CHECK
Declutter and organize the drawer unit CHECK
Organize incoming papers CHECK
Empty outbox

On friday I took the carpets out and gave them a beat. I left the carpets out to air while I vacuumed the entry. On the weekend I placed all the shoes and shoe racks from the vestibule outside and vacuumed it. I wiped the shoe racks clean and banged the shoes together to remove loose dirt. Then returned all inside.

You also see here two new small things I did for the vestibule. I made a shear curtain for the long window and added hanging loop for the shoehorn.

Sometimes it happens that we need to open the door to the vestibule with wearing very little clothes or otherwise ridiculous clothes. Before anyone was able to see right in. I had planned to make a shear curtain on the long window for a long time. But now I finally did it. It is somewhat see through and all light does come in, but it does diminish the visibility inside a bit which is good.

The curtain rod was already there. I guess there has been a curtain before too.

I did also fix the shoehorn, it used to have a loop where it could be hang on something, but it had broke.

I removed the scraps of the old loop and cut a piece of leather which I then glued on the shoehorn.

I did polish some of my shoes too, or actually polished two shoes and just cleaned ones and brushed ones clean.

I did check off most of the tasks, I still need to empty the outbox, since it's quite full and I need to figure out what I'm going to do with all of those umbrellas. More or less the entry cleaning is done, but I'm afraid the entry or the vestibule has not changed much. It's nice to have the entry cleaned anyway, here are some after shots.


  1. Hi. I've been off my computer for a while. I am so glad to be back visiting my favorite sites. I love you boots and those white clogs, so cute. Anyway, good job on all the spring cleaning. Spring hit us here fast and like summer, so we have been soaking it up by being outside all the time! It's a little closer to reality this week than it has been the past two. So maybe I'll stay inside a clean out my entryway today. It certainly needs it.

    1. Those glogs are souvenir. I haven't used them :)
      We have quite the opposite, on saturday we got more snow, luckily it melted away mostly on sunday.


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