Friday, 9 March 2012

To-Do list for A

Ups, I forgot to finish this post yesterday. And now this post is late, according to my own schedule, I usually post at 7:30 UTC. I have been really sick, that is why I forgot. I have influenza, I diagnozed myself using wikipedia :). I've had very high fever and sore throat. Now on the morning I feel better but evenings have been difficult. Some of my colleagues have had this too, so I quess I got it from them. But it also didn't help that I spent last sunday morning freezing my ass off on the terrace while removing paint from the stools.

Anyway back to the actual post.

~ ~ ~

A had a knee operation on tuesday, according to the surgeon the operation went well and A should be recovering nicely. But for a week or two he is not allowed to put any weight on the knee, which means that he is going to be house bound for a while. And that to my understanding will mean constant Xbox playing in quantities that will make me mental.  I think it would be healthy if he had something constructive to do. So I compiled a To-Do list for him. I know I'm evil, he is recovering after all.
  • Check from my ancient computer what is the spec of the hard drive (the computer will be sold, for some very very low price)
  • Go through and organize papers in several folders and boxes. 

He has organized some of his papers earlier and now I listed the categories he already has so when he goes through the papers and finds something that is worthwhile keeping he can check if he already has a category for it, or if he needs to invent a new one.

My evil plan is to bring one folder a day near the sofa in the living room and then while he sits there and rests his leg he can look through the folder and categorize the papers. After he has categorized the papers and hopefully decided to throw away lots of them I can then leave one category pile of papers in the living room and bring the appropriate folder there, where he can then file the papers.

To me one folder a day sounds like a piece of cake but A is different. It takes him forever to go through paper. So I'm pretty sure my schedule is way too tight for him, but it's a plan, and it can be adjusted.


  1. You are evil!
    I hope you feel better soon. I had those symptoms for about a eek--a few days were spent in bed! Rest and drink lots of tea.

    1. I'm already feeling much better. I had sore throat from monday and on wednesday the fever came and by friday it had lowered to normal. So an instant flu, quite odd. My throat is still a bit sore though.


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