Friday, 16 March 2012

Changing soil in flower pots

I've actively tried to cut back on the plants we have, because I used to have so much that nothing else fitted on the window sill. Now days I only have a coffee bush, one Tradescantia (I only know the Latin name) and then the terrararium with cacti.

It was about time to renew the soil of the house plants, I hadn't done it last spring and I'm not even totally sure if I did it on the spring before that either. The coffee had certainly filled the pot with roots.

I'm sure you all know how to change the soil. Just pick a pot slightly bigger than the previous one, put some soil on the bottom of the pot, place the plant in the middle and add soil on the sides. It's not that difficult.

The Tradescantia was way too bushy so I cut it in half, and planted the other half and threw the other away.

It will look dull for a while, but I'm sure it will perk up in no time.


  1. Ok, I can see why you probably don't do well with plants that require neglect :-) These plants all look so happy and healthy. Also, the tradescantia looks like the perfect plant for a book case.

    1. :D. I agree, that plant is truly perfect for a book case.


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