Monday, 19 March 2012

Spring clean: kitchen reveal

Spring clean has been moving on nicely. On saturday I cleaned the back and and the sides of the oven and vacuumed the kitchen. On saturday I also wiped the counters on the right side of the oven. I always start by removing the crums from the counters with the brush I got from Viburg, Russia. Then I wipe with a rag. The counter right next to the oven has had some grime that has been impossible to remove, the counter seemed a bit gray. I had tried to remove the grime with dishwashing liquid but that did not really do much good. I have no idea how I hadn't figured it before but I thought I could use the magic eraser. And it really did the trick, on the right is the area cleaned with the sponge and on the left the area still not cleaned.

On sunday I wiped all other counters and the kitchen table. I also wiped the back splash and the cabinet doors. On the sunday evening I mopped the floor. Here is the kitchen spring clean list and what I managed to check off. 

Mop floor CHECK
Wipe counters CHECK
Clean fridge CHECK
Clean inside of oven CHECK
Clean stove CHECK
Move the oven and clean the back and sides of the oven CHECK
Clean exterior of small appliances CHECK
Clean trash can and trash can cabinet
Wash windows
Clean coffee maker CHECK
Wash curtains
Wipe cabinet doors and back splash CHECK

All cleaned up kithen in all it's glory. Check the before pictures from here.

I added a tray for the stuff we keep on the kitchen table. Those are needed almost daily so there is no point moving them anywhere else. But before they looked so missplaced. 

I didn't clean the trash cans or the trash can cabinet, those were not really dirty. I have a feeling I washed them before Christmas. Also the window and curtain washing will be done later as I already predicted in my previous kitchen post.

Next week the spring clean will be dedicated on the entry.


  1. Great job- and I really like the wooden slats on your kitchen ceiling as well.

    1. Thanks! Oh you like them? I have looked at them for too long maybe and I've started to dislike them. Well not actually as much in the kitchen but living room has similar and I hate them there.

  2. Looking good! It motivates me to get started on my spring cleaning.

    1. Thank you. Funny how the motivation goes round and round in the blog world. I myself am motivated by Alana, this will be a vicious cycle :D


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