Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Start of a spring clean

Alana's Hybrid Cure was the first thing I blogged about and now she's having another one. Originally the idea of the cure came from the book Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan. The purpose of the cure is to clean everything, get rid of things that are weighing down on the general atmosphere of the home and making all rooms and spaces usefull and fresh again. After doing all the steps last year according to the book both Alana and I think that the whole cure is not needed this time around. We both just want to do a spring clean.

Last spring I did a massive clean out in the kitchen, bathroom and terrace. I think those places are still in a pretty good shape. I don't think there is much point cleaning those areas scrupuloysly again, I'd rather consentrate on the areas that were left with less attention last year.

Want to hear a revelation? I don't like regular cleaning. I don't! I hate it. But you know what I like? I like massive, let's-clean-the-whole-home-from-top-to-bottom projects. Also I enjoy special cleaning tasks which require freaky or specialized cleaning products and time consuming scrubbing. Regular cleaning is just... well too regular to see any real progress. The special cleaning tasks are where I see exactly what I have accomplished. That is probably why I like organizing too. And that is why I enjoy the Cures and spring cleaning.

The plan is to dedicate a week for a room or an area.
  • March 11-17: Kitchen
  • March 18-24: Entry
  • March 25-31: Living Room
  • April 1-7: Office, this might be bit tricky since the office is under some renovation.
  • April 8-14: Bathroom, sauna and toilet
  • April 15-21: Bedroom
  • April 22-28: Finish up
I will be continuing the office renovation when the weather allows (it's been very cold lately to do anything outdoors, like sanding) while the spring clean is going on.


  1. Fabulous--it ill be so nice to have company! Looking forward to seeing progress in the office as the weather allows.

    1. I agree it will be great to do this 'together'. And if someone else want to join, well the more the merrier.

  2. I don't know why this never occured to me. It seems that you would get every room so much more clean, if you took a week per room (vs my usual "Saturday: clean up apartment"). Thanks for this Leena.


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