Friday, 2 March 2012

Cabinet drawings and plans

I have planned to build a cabinet over the wall bed we have in the office. The general plan is to build a frame from lumber of 45 x 45 mm (1.77 x 1.77 in), marked with balloon 1 in the picture. The back support would be planks of about 90 x 15 mm (3.5 x 0.6 in) (2) and the sides, top and bottom are plywood or similar of about 5 mm (0.2 in) (3).

I originally thought of using doors to hide the wall bed, but I hate attaching hinges, I have propably never managed to attach a hinge on a cabinet so that the door would be leveled. The hinges are just beyond me. Also doors would be pretty heavy compared to the rest of the structure. So now I have been thinking of some lighter options.

I could use regular curtains. I could use a roller blind or I could use roman blinds.

I like most the roller blind idea, but what I don't like is the selection of roller blinds Ikea has, because that is where I assume I could find the cheapest ones. I don't like any of the patterned roller blinds, also the plain white one is just so cheap looking. All the fixings and the string where the blind is operated are white plastic, it just doesn't look good. I think there is only one blind that has metallic fixings and string and that is the Enje roller blind. Bad thing is that the Enje is not opaque. But want to hear the good news? The good thing is that it is not opaque.

I mean then I would have an excellent excuse to take the blind into parts and add a new nicer cooler colourfull fabric and piece it together again. Like it is done on Design*Sponge. The biggest conserns I have are that will the new fabric I deside to get roll nicely over the rod and how will I attach it on the cabinet, would I need something to cover up the top part of the blind. But the biggest of all big conserns are that will I be able to find a fabric that I and A will like for many years from the gigantic selection of fabrics in the stores.


  1. How exciting you are going to build the cabinet! So exciting! Will it hide the legs on the floor? (I just ent back and read that post. What a neat gizmo!)

    Wouldn't blinds or curtains interfere? Or are you building the cabinet higher? I think curtains would give the sleeper a nice feeling. They would still hang beside the bed when opened, wouldn't they?

    We have very poor selection of fabric here. What a great problem to have!

    1. The cabinet will hide the legs on the floor, so the cabinet needs to be quite deep. Blinds or curtains will interfere, so I do need to make the cabinet either a bit taller if I use a blind or a bit wider if I use regular curtains. I haven't decided on the exact measurements. I kind of like the regular curtains too, but A thinks it will look too soft.

      We have a few very good fabric stores here and then the selection from the online shops is overwhelming. I have thought of narrowing down the selection to only one shop

      Their fabrics are expensive, but they hold their value and style well and are durable.

  2. It was such a great idea to make a cabinet drawings and plan. It would probably easier for you to make your own cabinet at home. I know that many people would love to copy your cabinet drawing and plans for making their own cabinet.

    1. Thanks Kevin. I might show a detailed plan later, when I know what type of curtain solution I will make.


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