Monday, 27 February 2012

Open sesame

Last week I picked up the Sesam wall bed mechanism from the post office. I had ordered the mechanism from Sweden and I got instruction on how to put it together in Norwegian, Danish and Swedish, which is handy for a Finnish speaking person. Well it wasn't too bad, I do after all know some Swedish. Also the mechanism was very easy to figure out.

First I of course removed the bed's own legs. Then I needed to add some bits of wood on the bottom of the bed since the sides are a bit different in this bed than in a bed that these mechanism legs are designed for. First I just glued the wood pieces on and when I attached the legs I at the same time attached the pieces with screws.

The legs on the other end that have a hinge I screwed to the outside of the bed. Those would have looked neater inside but the structure of the bed was a bit different so I had to use this style. On the other hand it does not really matter what they look like since I've planned to build a cabinet to cover the bed.

We had measured that the bed does not fit under the wooden valance on that wall, but it just does. So now we can deside to either have the bed on this wall or on the opposite wall.

We did lay on the bed and it felt fine, it's not as sturdy as it was with it's own legs but it's not unstable either.

Now we have a magic bed. Open sesame!

Close sesame!


  1. You have been very busy with this project. The space between the radiator and dresser seems perfect where you've put it.

    1. It's an ok spot, depends a bit how the cabinet will turn out. Also I'm still not sure whether to use doors or curtains or roller blind on the cabinet.

  2. Hello,
    you built a very nice bed. I would like to have one myself and found this Sesam wall bed mechanism at an online shop. Are you still pleased with it, and would you recommend it?
    Thank you, best regards

    1. Thanks, we are not using the mechanism at the moment, but only because we use the bed now daily. We were really happy with the mechanism and we still have it (but it's not installed at the moment), it is sturdy and very functional. I would recommend it.


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