Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Finished cushion project

Hihhey! All of the dining table seat cushions are done. Last friday I had a post about the problems I had when making the cushions. But after I got over the corner pieces in the cushion it got whole lot easier and I'm proud to say those are all finished now.

Inside the covers are foamed plastic that were cut to the shape of the seat at the shop. I used velcro on the back egde so I can remove the foamed plastic from the covers before washing. Also I used velcro on the strips that will keep the cushion on it's place on the seat.

Whew... it took a while, way over a year to tell the truth, but now they are done.


  1. I love seeing the tea house in the background. That thing is so awesome. How did the contest end up?

    Love the cushions too, Don't all projects take a year? I've never done one that doesn't.

    1. The challenge is not over. I'm again a bit disappointed because it was supposed to end for another time 1st of february, but on Emily Hendersons blog there is no mentioning of it. I would like to see what others have done and show what I've done. She should atleast have sometype of update post where people could link to.

  2. They look fabulous--and so professional! Well done.

  3. Leena I am impressed- they look great!


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