Monday, 13 February 2012

Projects are coming along

I introduced my to do list for the office redo on The grand plan - post I did some time ago. This is what I've done so far.


The Sesam wall bed mechanism should be on it's way. We are not going to Stockholm after all, all the cruise ships were full when we started to book the trip, but I ordered the mechanism few days ago.
  • Move the shelf on the small window wall closer to the small window (the yellow long rectangle)
  • Move the table against the big window wall, or even get a new table
All moving is waiting for the painting of the shelves. I cannot move the shelves with all the books on them so when I remove the books then I will paint the shelves at the same go.
  • Place a table board inside the shelf (the yellow rectangle on the top right corner) to create a computer station
The table board has been bought. 
  • Get a nicer looking office chair for A

I've looked for some office chairs but haven't found anything nice and resonable priced.

Building, painting and sewing

  • Remove wallpaper and paint the room white or light colour
I've removed wallpaper from one wall, but then the shelf came on the way. I was so excited to remove the
wall paper that I didn't realize that I have no place where I could now paint the shelves and move them out
of the way. I have to wait for spring before I can move the shelves to the terrace and then paint.

  • Make a closet for the guest bed
This is waiting for the Sesam wall bed mechanism and spring.
  • Paint the shelves white
  • Sew a roman blind for the big window or get a roller blind
  • Sew a slipcover for the chair
Started making the slip cover on sunday. It's going on nicely.


  1. Sounds like you have been and will be very busy. And did I mention how jealous I am of your sewing skills??

    1. :) Thanks. I'm not the neatest sewer though, that is why I don't show close ups :D

  2. Oh that chair cover is coming along beautifully. Makes me onder hu I have been procrastinating my on recovering projects!

    Too bad about Stockholm. Will you go somehere else?

    1. Procrastinating? want to know when I bought that fabric? It was last summer.

      A will be having a knee surgery a month from now and then it will take at least a month that he can walk properly. Now he can walk a bit, but it takes lots of energy. So all vacations are a bit out of the question. Although I would like to go somewhere, maybe alone or with someone else.


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