Friday, 3 February 2012

Unfinished cushion project

I restarted making the dining chair cushions last weekend. I originally started the project.... umm... way over a year ago. And now I remember why I didn't finish. I had made two cushions, but we have six dining chairs. This time I thought I will make a production line and make each step on all the cushions at the same go, I thought that would make it easier.

I have no idea why but the threading of the serger did not go very well, one of the threads kept falling off from it's place and resulted in the serger just making holes on the fabric but not sewing anything together. I threaded and rethreaded the machine but it kept doing that. I was so furious with the machine that I cried.

When A came home and I had been strugling with the serger for hours I explained the problem to him, he didn't do anything to the serger, he just listened. Then I tried again and the serger suddenly started to work. What's the thing that when you want to show something and suddenly the thing does not work at all like it has done for hundreds of times before. This time it was for better but still it's so annoying.

First I sewed together the top and bottom and the side with the serger. After I had spent the whole weekend just making few straight seams with the serger I started to sew on the corner pieces where the back rest goes through. I sewed both corner pieces on to one cushion cover. The sewing of the corner pieces is a pain because of the corner obviously. I was going mental just with that piece, but then realised I made a mistake on the long seams I had made with the serger. I should have stopped the seam on the edge and not continue it to the end of the fabric. Now I cannot sew with the machine both the corner piece and the piece that goes round the back rest, if I sew on the other one it will be very difficult to sew the other piece. So I need to sew one of those by hand. That was monday when I realized that. I got so annoyed that I couldn't even touch the project for a few days.

Now I've desided I will do atleast one step a day and sooner or later those will be finished. I will continue over the weekend. Hope I get past the corners and then it will get easier. I'm amazed how such a simple looking cushion can turn out so tricky.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry it has been so frustrating a project for you! One step at a time is ise, I think. It's a good thing the machine didn't suddenly get better in front of a repairman! That ould have been worse, I think. Good luck.

  2. Thanks Alana. Oh that would have been embarrassing :) Luckily it didn't need maintenance after all.


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