Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I guess I'm very stuck in my habits. Every work morning and on some weekend mornings too I eat a small cup of natural yogurt with nuts and either berries and honey or jam if I've forgotten to thaw berries from the freezer.

The grapefruit is not inculed in my standard breakfast, this picture was just taken on the weekend when I eat a bigger breakfast.

What do you eat for breakfast?


  1. oatmeal-almost daily, sometimes I'll have Cheerios and if I'm being nice to my kids I'll make them smoothies.

  2. I used to eat cheerios too. And occasionally I do eat oat-meal, but usually when someone else has made it.

  3. I have an egg on wholewheat toast, yogourt, a glass of skim milk, and coffee. Sounds like a lot but I start my day at 5 AM, have breakfast @ 6 AM and lunch at 12:30 (so the protein kickstarts my day. :)

    1. Well then it's not a lot if you eat so early and lunch so late. My breakfast is usually around 7:30 and lunch already around 11 to 11:30.


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