Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Toilet floor

I didn't really get anything done last week in the office conserning the spring clean. We did organize some papers, but that's about it. The whole room is such a mess because it's under renovation so I wasn't really inspired to clean there.

But this week is dedicated to the bathroom, sauna and toilet and it will be lot more straight forward to clean those places. We have similar flooring in the bathroom and toilet, hexagon shaped tiles. The tiles are ok and in the bathroom those are easy to keep clean. The toilet is more tricky. The thing is that there is no drainage well on the toilet floor, so all the water that is poured on the floor has to be collected with sponges off the floor. So far I've just wiped the toilet floor with damp mop but the mop does not really clean the grout between the tiles.

I used hydrochloric acid to clean the grout. It's not my favourite stuff, I'd rather use something else, but we once bought that thing and it was only sold in one liter bottles and lot was left over from the project we bought it for. The hydrochlorid acid smells awful and since it's acid it's corrosive so I need to wear protective cloves and eye protection. I've previously used a product specially designed for tiles in the kitchen and would have used that but I didn't have any home. That product is also horrid smelling but not as horrible and not as dangerous as the hydrochlorid acid.

Well anyway I used that, it needs to be watered down from 1/10 to 1/30 but it's still not healthy stuff. Since the stuff only really works well on the grout I spread it with a toothbrush just on the grout. I let the stuff bubble there for a while, then I brushed the gunk loose.

Then I wiped the whole floor clean with a rag and some normal cleaning product and rinced with a sponge. I did also wash the wooden lath rug thingy, what ever that is called.

Here is before and after side by side, from one of the most icky spots.

In the end there is not a huge difference on the floor, but it sure feels a lot more nicer to walk on bare foot on the floor now that it's thorougly cleaned.

Edit: Once I published this I realized that I might not have emphasized enough that I do not suggest you to run out and buy hydrochloric acid, there are lot of products in the market that are equally effective (or at least effective enough) but are way more user friendly and healthier. I mean the acid is scary, use it only as your last option.


  1. Gotcha--I will not clean my grout with hydrochloric acid except as a last resort. I'm not even sure here I'd even buy any! The floor really does look better.

  2. Sorry--that should read I am no sure where I'd even buy any

    1. I first thought that I shouldn't even mention what I cleaned the floor with. But then wrote about it anyway. Maybe it was dumb to tell, I don't know. Glad you got the point though.


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