Friday, 26 October 2012

Apple chips

This should actually be a guest post, since I did not make the apple chips I'm about to show you, but A did. His friend, who also happens to have a blog, was visiting us few weeks back when we were just starting to wash the apples for the cider. Since apples were everywhere in our home those soon became a discussion topic. She suggested that we could make apple chips from the sour apples we had so much of.

A thought apple chips could be fun so he made them. He didn't google any recipe, although I'm sure there are many. First he removed the seeds with an apple drill and then sliced the apples thinly.

Some of the slices he hung on a rod and some he placed on an oven rack. Then these were placed in the sauna. We did not have the sauna on or anything, but the room is always a bit warmer than the rest of the house and there is some handy free space. I think it took about one week for the slices to dry. Maybe.

After the slices were dry we had apple chips. I don't think the slices are actually crunchy, like you could expect chips to be. They have some toughness in them which I think all dried fruit have. I've never been a huge fan of dried fruit but the apple chips are okey, they are a nice snack once in a while. At least the apples store better like this and take much less space.

~ ~ ~

And look we got our first snow last night.


  1. I do like to eat apple chips! Yummy! And I love snow, at least when it's fresh and clean....Have a great weekend Leena!

    1. I love snow too, except when I'm supposed to drive to work and realize I still have summer tires. UPS.

  2. I had forgotten how early snow begins in Finland. Enjoy your (yummy) apple chips!

    1. I think though it's quite exceptionally early the first snow came this winter. Now it's ofcourse gone allready. But you were a bit more north when you were here so there snow can come and stay allready.


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