Friday, 12 October 2012

Cleaning a faucet with vinegar

Our kitchen faucet leaks just very very little from the joints where the spout is attached in. It only leaks when the water is running end even then so little that I have not bothered to call a plumber. We also don't have a habit of wiping the kitchen sink and the faucet dry so lime will eventually collect in the small nooks on the faucet. And the result looks horrid. Sorry to show the faucet in all it's ickyness, there is even crums and some other spots. But no worries, it's really easy to clean.

To clean it one only needs white vinegar and paper towels. A sheet of paper towel needs to be wet with white vinegar and the sheet is rolled over the areas that need cleaning. It's important to have the paper touching the surface, so it can be lightly pressed to it. The paper holds quite well on place without bonding it on anyway. As many sheets of wet paper is added on the surface as needed to cover all the icky areas. I covered the faucet with a plastic bag too, just so there would not be such a horrible smell in the kitchen.

Then let it sit. Went to watch TV or something for an hour or two. Then when I remembered I returned to the kitchen and removed the plastic bag and the papers. The lime was fully loosened by then and I just brushed it away. I didn't have to do any scrubbing, the lime came off so easily. Then I rinced and this time even dried the faucet. It took about 5 minutes without the waiting time to clean the faucet and there is no hard work, but yet the result is so good. No need to buy those horrible products that say to remove lime, vinegar works wonders if you just let it work.


  1. Incredible that you wouldn't even need to scrub it with a small brush. I really like the tip about the bag to maintain the smell too.

    1. I actually don't hate the smell that much, I mean there are worse, but A really dislikes it.


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