Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Pilgrimage to Stockholm

Hejsan from Stockholm. I was there with my sister last weekend. I bought flight tickets for me and my sister to Stockholm as a birthday present to her. She had birthday already on August, but I found cheapish tickets only later to the fall.

Both me and my sister had been to Stockholm numerous times, but we had never spent the night in Stockholm, yet alone spent as much time there. The standard trip to Stockholm for most Finns is the weekend cruise from Helsinki or Turku where the main pass time is to drink till you fall. Also that type of Stockholm visit will consist of walking to the center to the Burger King and not eating anything because of the hangover. Then it's time to get back to the ship to drink some more. That is considered a very successful trip by Finnish standard.

But we did not want that so we took the one hour flight to Stockholm. I had also booked a hotel room for one night. The hotel room by the way was very similar than the cabins in the cruise ships. So we were able to get some feeling of being on a cruise anyway.

I also had some ulterior motives booking the flights to Stockholm. Ever since Benita posted the Stockholm Shopping -  list of shops I've been wanting to visit those places. I picked what I considered best shops and even made a google map and I also wrote the opening hours. My sister wasn't really aware of this plan of mine. But when she realized what was the plan she was totally happy with it.

View stockholm shopping in a larger map

We had such a nice time in Stockholm. We felt that we could have even spent longer time there than just two days. This time we just concentrated on the shopping, we had seen all the standard tourist attractions on our earlier trips. But while we shopped we actually saw more of the city and the people than what we have before. Now I think we kind of got how the city is built and where is what. We walked quite a lot and visited many shops. We did not get to go to all, we ran out of time, but to most we did visit.

I will show you later what I bought from our trip. Also we spent some time in different cafes and had a very nice dinner in a Tapas restaurant. There were also sushi restaurants all over the city, ah, heaven. We were also blessed with excellent weather, sun was shining all weekend, amazing.


  1. One of the things I've always admired about EU, the ability to easily and quickly move between countries. It sounds like you and your sister had a lovely time.

    1. I could have been there longer, but like you said it's so easy to go, so we can go again.

  2. Looks like you and your sister had a great time! Stockholm is definitely on my list of places I want to go. Looking forward to see the treasures you bought!

    1. We did, I'd like to go some place else soon with her again. She was good company.


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