Friday, 19 October 2012

Stockholm souvenir

Sorry to have skipped two days of regular posting. When I wrote about the new schedule I never meant to skip two posts in a row. I meant to skip one here other there. But this and last week have been really busy at work and I have been home earliest at seven, and even though I love to write my blog it's still the lowest priority compared to all other things.

Ok so the souvenirs from Stockholm. Although calling them souvenirs might be bit wrong since our plan when we visited Stockholm was to shop and not to get just souvenirs but design and home goods. I know it might sound a bit weird getting home goods from Sweden, but they do have just bit different stuff there and shops we don't have. For instance in Sweden they have binders that have a beautiful fabric spine and the form is also a bit different. I really fell for the binders when I saw those on Benita's blog. I already have a few of those binders in the office but now I bought from Åhlens two slimmer versions to company the old ones (for anyone in Finland thinking of buying those too notice that the punching standard is different to Finnish, so you also need to get a puncher from Sweden). From Granit I bought the white wrapping paper. That is a bit odd purchase, it's just wrapping paper, but I have not seen one in white in Finland. The cards are from Ljunggrens Pappershandel. I did not actually need anything from there but it was such a beautifull shop I couln't leave empty handed.

For the kitchen I got two cling foil holders from Muji, one for cling foil and other for aluminium foil. I felt a bit dumb getting those. Not like the packages the foils come in are not usable, but these are so much nicer looking and the foils do cut better using those sturdier containers. The napkins are from Svenskt Tenn. For some odd reason I wanted to get something from there, but most things were really expensive and too difficult to transport to Finland, so I ended up getting napkins. The Dala horse cookie cutter I got from a small store in the old town, I'm afraid I do not remember what the store was called. What I think was the best purchase was the rag and the rag holder.

Those were most likely the cheapest things I bought. The holder was attached to the wall by a double sided tape. The holder has cut outs in black rubber insert where the rag can be pushed in.

We used to keep the rag folded on top of the faucet, but it was on the way and especially when the rag was dry and hard it kept droppin down from the faucet. Now it's out of the way but easily accessible. The rag and the rag holder are both from DesignTorget.

Håll Stockholm rent och vårt kök också.
(Keep Stockholm clean and our kitcher also)


  1. I wish it was easy for us to access Swedish/Scandinavian home accessories. The holder is brilliant and I also really like the cookie cutter.

    1. Swedish seem to love their homes, they have so many stores just for home things and the stuff there is not even that expensive.
      I have a tendency of buying cookie cutters, I also tend to forget to use them. But it's ok, they just make me happy. :)

  2. Love the napkins and the rag! Oh, and the cookie cutter of course!

    1. I love them also because they are consumable :) I don't have to keep them forever, sometimes that is good.


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