Monday, 1 October 2012

Cleaning terrace for fall

I spent all weekend outside cleaning the terrace and the back yard. Now when I'm writing this post on sunday evening I feel so tired. My back and shoulders are aching, but in a good way, like after an exercise. I took only couple of photos on the whole weekend but I did so much. It might be bit difficult to see from the photos, but I did all this
  • Turned the compost
  • Moved ready compost to the flower beds
  • Took all rest of the tomatoes from the plants inside to ripen
  • Cut the tomato plants to pieces and put them in the compost
  • Pulled all the cucumber plants from the ground and also put them to the compost
  • Moved few plants on the flower bed
  • Planted tulips and narcissus bulbs
  • Greated a border for the flower bed from old tiles
  • Raked the lawn
  • Cut some overgrown braches from the bushes
  • Aired some blankets we keep in the conservatory
  • Beat the conservatory carpets
  • Brushed clean the conservatory floor
  • Washed all the pots we keep in the other trunk
  • Washed all gardening tools
  • Sharpened some gardening tools
And now the terrace is looking like this


  1. Wow you got a lot accomplished this weekend! I didn't get anything done but I allowed myself a lazy weekend ;)

    1. I wanted to finish everything while the weather was nice. We have had so much rain so I was afraid we will not get another nice weekend anytime soon.

  2. It sounds like you had a mega productive weekend. And now you get to enjoy the perfect spot.

    1. I did, I'm really proud of myself. I like getting things done.


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