Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sewed clothes for the kid

So what should I start this runway of baby stuff with? I have so much to choose from. I have mainly made clothes for the kid. Couple months ago I saw a book in a book store called Baby cool, it's originally a Swedish book but it's translated at least to Finnish. Later I loaned the same book from the library. There were lots of neat projects for children made from old adult clothes. There were even many patterns included in the book, which I very poorly used but the book was so inspiring!

The minute I got the book home I started going through our rag pile of old clothes and was super inspired to start working on more and more sewing projects. The book was so appropriate for me since I did not want to get much new fabric or yarn, which often is more expensive than the ready made clothes. (Here you can see that I'm contradicting myself. Remember some earlier posts where I said I have bought some fabric? But so far I've used only the welt rib knit fabric I got from Marimekko sometime ago.)

From a thrift store I bought some baby clothes, like that dotty jumpsuit, and used those as patterns. Most of the old adult clothes we had were from the time when we purged A's closet and he does not dress in very girly colours so most of the clothes I made ended up quite boyish or unisex. Unisex was what I was after anyway.

When I made these clothes I really did not pay much attention to the quality of the sewing. I just did not feel like spending too much time on the details I just wanted things done. So in some clothes the zippers are badly attached and some seams are really not straight at all, for some reason I'm not at all bothered by it. The kid will wear those clothes only for a few weeks so details and putting time on these clothes is really not the priority (I'm aware some people will disagree, but this is my solution). Anyway... point of this was that the kid will have some clothes to use and the rag pile got a lot smaller.

My favourite item to make was trousers, so easy and so fast! The short jumpsuit on the other hand was really annoying with the neck and the buttons. The longer jumpsuits with the zippers were not as bad, but not as fun as the trousers. I really like the orange jumpsuit that to me reminds of a pumpkin, it's so funny. I happened to have a green zipper in the right length and used that with out thinking much, but I like the result. It's humorous. Also on one of the trousers I used the front of a shirt on the bum side, it also turned out quite funny.

Those were the trousers and jumpsuits I've sewed so far. All of these were done almost two months ago. By the way I redid the hanger specifically to take pictures of the clothes for you. I shortened our regular wooden hanger and painted it yellow.


  1. Those are so adorable! I love that you made them out of A's old clothes. In addition to all the other benefits of that, the clothes should be nice and soft for the baby to wear since it's not brand new fabric.

    The hanger is cute too, good idea. :)

    1. Thanks, and that's true, these are really soft.
      I was first going to buy a hanger, but then realized we have too many hangers anyway and I'm not planning to store the baby clothes on hangers anyway so I don't actually need many of those. Just one to take pictures :)

  2. What a great use of A's old clothes! The blue trousers are super cute.

    1. Of course I needed to look that I did not use the most worn or spotted places from the garment, but most of the material was still in pretty good shape.
      There are other shirts too that also have a print that I could use on the bum side. The trousers were so nice to make that I might actually do more of those.


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