Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Blog lights

These or similar lights I have seen in many Finnish blogs, almost too many and I've understood that they have got the lights through their blog somehow. I'm bit annoyed that I've seen the lights in so many places but I fell for them anyhow. Because those are lovely.

Not sure where those bloggers have got their lamps but I bought them from Granit. Only two years ago I bought new lanterns for the terrace, I still like the lanterns, but I do not like to go outside and light them, it's such a cold and annoying thing to do. So even though real candle light is nice, electric light works way better for me.

I added a few hooks to the terrace and hung the lights on those. But what I did not realize when I bought the lights is that ten 25W lamps are together really super bright. 250 W to a conservatory is just too much, we don't have that much light even indoors anywhere. Here is how bright they were.

That was just over the top. Not really what I had been envisioning, so I had to get a dimmer and the lights are also on a timer, that is handy.

Do you get a feeling that you are in a circus or in a funfair when you see the lights? I do, I love it.

On friday I will show yet another thing I've bought.


  1. Those are very festive! Glad you put them on a dimmer switch. You don't want to feel like you are in an operating room.

    1. The timer switches them off at midnight but we usually go to bed earlier. without the dimmer the light reached even into our bedroom and made that overly bright and just weird to sleep in. :)

  2. Yes, they are common, but they're still gorgeous. They've always reminded me of a romantic city cafe for some reason (especially when they are dimmed), so they give me the opposite feeling than you.

    1. I can see the city cafe image now that you mention it, but the funfair is what first comes to my mind.


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