Monday, 21 October 2013

Over the weekend

We had a studio built in our home. A friend of ours is a pro photographer and we asked him to take some baby and family photos of us. We already got some photos from him, really good stuff. I will show some on Wednesday. Now we need to deside which of those to have print and framed.

Part of Finland has got the first snow last week. South Finland got just some hail, but it has been cold, really cold. I did a bit of crafts for the christening of Likka, those will be in two weeks. In the christening she will also get her real name. Need to plan the food served at the occasion and also the decorations. We got some table cloths and other items from A's mom and cousin for the christening which I need to check. Then have I done some fall cleaning on the front yard and some sewing.


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend--and a few busy weeks ahead. Looking forward to those pictures.

    1. I will work on small tasks daily so it wont be too much of a hazzle, hopefully...


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