Friday, 18 October 2013

IRS pants

The free T-shirt isn't always the most hip thing to wear, like the T-shirt from the Finnish IRS. Nothing wrong with the colour of the shirt though. So that T-shirt turned into footed pants for Likka.

We do have quite many footed pants, but they are most still too big, so I draw the pattern of ones from pants that are a good size. Just straightened the piece of fabric I wanted to copy and draw the edges. Then I cut up the shirt using the pattern. I really do like to make baby pants. The foot part made these a bit more complicated than the pants I've made before but still these were easy and quick. I made the pattern and sewed the pants while Likka was on a nap and I even had time to eat.

I used one of the newly found stitches of the sewing machine on the foot part. It does not look that pretty but it works perfectly. 

I like these sort of pants, those are easy to put on Likka and there is no need for separate socks.


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