Friday, 11 October 2013

Dustpan and a brush

For years I have been thinking of getting some sort of solution for the crum removal in the kitchen. I did want to get a hand held vacuum there but I've not heard good reviews on their batteries. Also their price is quite high, especially if their battery wont stay in shape more than a year. I did also consider swivel sweeper, but because that also works with a battery I guess it also has the same problem as the vacuum. So a more traditional dustpan and a brush was the only solution I could come up with. Why I did not want to get a dustpan and a brush in the first place is because I think it's difficult to pour the crums and dirt into the bin from the dustpan. Especially from a dustpan with a long handle. Also the dustpan is usually so wide that the crums do not pour in a contained manner. I find this most difficult when the trash bin is already quite full, which it often is. Does anyone else have similar issues? Or am I the only one?

Well anyway I desided to get a dustpan and a brush. Then I had to find a set that would not cost a fortune and that would still be nice looking. Most are just made of plastic and are truly ugly and I want to have the dustpan and the brush on sight all the time, because if I hide it in a cabinet I will forget to use it.

Finally I found a set from Granit that wasn't too expensive and it looks good. The brushes are the only thing that are from plastic, but I can live with that. And no this is not a paid add. Just needed a dustpan and a brush and bought one.

And yes our kitchen floor is that patchy. And has dirt spots, mopping once a year clearly isn't enough.

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