Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Baby vest

There is a particular reason I've been making so many cardigans for Likka. We finally got winter here and eventhough the heating in our home works great and the temperature inside is about the same as it is on summer, the floors do get cold. I myself need to wear wool socks all the time, I think it's a bit drafty on the floor level. And do you know where Likka spends most of her time when she is awake? On that cold floor of course. Well there is a rug or a blanket underneath her but still I think the floor is a bit cold place to be.

That is why I have made her those cardigans and now a vest. I had some material left from the red wool cardigan my mother gave to me. From the left over of the cardigan sleeves I made a wool vest for Likka. This time I was able to make the neck bit better, it's just the right size. The vest can be opened from the other shoulder (like Likka demonstrates here) so it's easy to put on.

The vest looked a bit dull without any decorations so I added the flowers on the waist. The stalks are this zigzag ribbon and you know the ribbons that are attached to shirt neck on stores so that the shirts do not drop off from the hanger? I always remove those ribbons and since it's impossible for me to throw away crafts material I save those ribbons. Now I finally used two for the flower buds.


  1. She makes a great model.

    I cut out and save those shirt ribbons too! Even though I have never used one yet, I still have a little basket full. :)

    1. You save those too!! And you still have them eventhough you have simplified so much, I find that bit funny :) but I love that you have saved them too, it makes me feel like I'm not crazy to keep all those crafts materials.


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