Friday, 24 January 2014

Little cowgirl


I went through part of my clothes cabinet not so long ago and found there a bandana I got from a summer camp in my early teens. I had thought that I could use that bandana to cover my hair when painting, but the bandana is just a bit too small to use that way, so I newer use it. I couldn't make myself to throw it in the trash either which is why I made drool/burp bibs from it.

I was able to make two drool bibs, I was hoping that I could make them from all four corners but the side of the bandana was too short and I had to settle for two. The back side of the drool bib has thicker cotton fabric since I do not think the thin bandana fabric is very absorbing on its own. The bib can be snapped close with the press fasteners on the back. I used three male fasteners and one female on the other bib and three female and one male on the second, that way I was left with even amount of fasteners.

I did not use any pattern for this, so incase you want to make a similar one, here are the measurements. But if I would do these again I'd cut the fabric deeper from the front, I've marked that with the blue dash line.

So like said I made two of these, but you are only seeing one. I gave the other one to a friend already, her child burps quite a lot. Likka does not burp much but drools commendably.

Next week is all about cloth diapers. So prepare yourself for a cloth diaper overdose.


  1. Another good idea, especially the three snaps that make it adjustable.

    It looks like she's wants to move around already.

    1. She does want to move but the movement so far is very limited. Her legs are very active and she can push herself forward while on her back and make a full 360 turn usually anticlockwise, but she does not yet turn on her belly, maybe because she hates to be that way.


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