Monday, 20 January 2014

Wool cardigan converted to a wool overall

(Argh, the colours in this picture are all wrong!)

My mom gave me an old red wool cardigan to use as a crafts material. It was in perfectly good condition, just the button holes were torn.

Now we finally got winter here, from plus five it suddenly dropped to minus fifteen Celcius and we actually got some snow! That is amazing! The snow came really late this winter. But this means that Likka needs something really warm to wear. Likka has a few wool overalls, but those are still too big, so I quickly (well... it was supposed too be quick) made her another overall from the old wool cardigan. It's not so common to cut knits and sew them, but it really isn't much different than sewing regular fabric. You just need to make sure every stich row from the knit is sewed close so they don't unravel, but using a short stich on the sewing machine should do the trick.

Like I said it was supposed to be quick thing to do, but I wanted to sew on top of the neck rib knit with a double pointed needle I had bought some time ago. With that needle I need to have a second thread running from the top of the machine and there is a hole for somesort of spool holder. I just don't have that holder so I've used a random stick on the place. Now I took one very large needle and placed that on the hole, but the needle was too slim and it dropped right into the sewing machine. Outch. I was too afraid the needle is somewhere inbetween the moving parts of the machine so I did not dare to sew anymore and I had to open up the whole machine to remove the needle. Well the good thing is that I did clean the insides of the machine from all the lint while it was open.

Then I took another stick to use as a spool holder and started sewing. But it seems that the double pointed needle did not do a good job on the seam, it did not work at all. I just got long thread runs on the sides, I'm not really sure what was wrong, maybe the fabric was too thick, I don't know. Since that did not work out I decided to use regular zig zag on the seam.
Then I noticed I had made the neck too large. Whole thing looked like an overall for dogs, it looked hilarious. It would have been perfect for a small bulldog. :)

So I took the rib knit apart from the neck and shortened it and then reattached it. I think the neck is still too large but I don't want to take it apart again.


  1. Ha! That would be one stylish dog. :) The detail you added by putting the pocket on the leg is a nice touch, it really adds a lot.

    1. :D
      I left the pocket there originally because I was too lazy to take it off. Because I was thinking of removing the pockets, but I'm really glad I didn't. I too think the pocket on the finished overall looks great. Thanks Christina.

  2. I love love love this. How cute! xx

    1. Thank you, and you should know that your work with the opshopped materials have been a big inspiration for me


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