Friday, 20 June 2014

Midsummer magic

Today here is celebrated the Midsummer. It is Midsummer eve. In olden days, maybe still a bit, Midsummer has been considered magical. On Midsummer one can perform all sorts of spells to enhance your luck in marriage or to get magical powers. Maybe particularly Finnish but most of these spells should be done nude and most spells are for single women looking for a spouse. 

One of the spells says to collect seven flowers and place them under your pillow. When you sleep you will see your future husband in your dream. I once did this and oddly I saw a dream where there were only women in a shoe store that only sold those high heel shoes that have all coloured fur decoration over the toes. Hmm... I wonder what that says of my future husband...

Other spells say that on the Midsummer night if you look into a well you will see your future hubby in the reflection of the water. Preferably this should be done nude. Then if you run from a sauna, nude of course, through fields and after crossing the ninth ditch you will run into you future hubs.

Appears to me that it is the nudity that brings the future spouse in close contact with the women...

Happy Midsummer to all!


  1. Haha, furry heels. :D

    Hopefully that doesn't happen much anymore...I imagine that was the favorite night of the year for young men!

    1. I have not seen anyone do these spells, except as a joke. The picking of seven flowers is sometimes done, but only for fun.

  2. Your husband will like furry shoes? Funny. Happy mid-summer to you,too! We had rain, unfortunately.

    1. :) have had lousy weather too. It's been cold and rainy. Today, on midsummer day, it's raining cats and dogs. Eve was luckily just cloudy.


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