Monday, 18 July 2011

Danish souvenir

Are you interested in what I brought from Denmark? Hope you are 'cos that's what I'm going to write about.

I've hardly ever been interested in the stuff they sell in all souvenir shops all over the world. I mean there can be some cool things, but I'm afraid those are usually just useless crap. But I do like to get something from the places I visit. After many years I still remember where I've got my souvenirs and I think I do have some pretty good things, and ofcourse also useless things.

This time from Denmark I got shels, those are from the long beach on the west shore of the country. I have no idea what I'm going to do with those. But I'm thinking that I could sand them till they seem pearly. I have no clue if that will work, that's why I took so many that I can test on few. There is also one white shell which I took mainly because it had both of it's halves attached.

The tictacs I bought because of the container they are in. There are tictacs in Finland too, but those are sold in smaller containers. I love all types of containers.

I bumbed into a small ceramic vase on a department store and thought it was cute and I had needed a small vase for some time, so I bought that. I liked how there seems to be small holes on the side but really there is not. The vase is made by Anne Black, a Danish ceramic artist.

Then I also bought a tealight holder by Muuto. I thought the vent on the side was genious and fun. I'm not totally sure it's Danish though since the company seems to have designers from all over the Scandinavia.

Then last I bought the Hoptimist, it made me laugh. I took it to work and now it makes me happy there. I wanted to buy the wooden one, it moved better compared to the plastic one, but the wooden one was really expensive. I thought the plastic one was very expensive too, but got it anyway. Here is my own video on how it laughs, the quality is not the best, but you'll get the picture. It's so cute and totally useless, I love it!


 EDIT: I don't know if you see the video, I could see it on my home computer, but not with the work computer. I need to look into this, the video part is quite new to me.

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