Monday, 11 July 2011


In Finland it is a habit to play in summer cottages and parks the game 'Mölkky'. It's a game where you have to tip a skittle to get points, the one which reaches 50 points first is the winner.

I don't like to play many games but Mölkky is one of the few games I actually like. It's never serious and it's usually played as an entertainment not as an actual game. We have bought the Mölkky game from a store, but it can easily be made from chopped down wood and making the numbers with a marker. You can read the rules here. If you are looking for some passtime for your summer vacation perhaps Mölkky is the thing to try.


  1. This looks like fun! I enjoy both croquet and bocce ball, so I'm quite sure I'd enjoy this as well. Now if I only had a lawn...

  2. oh, you will surely enjoy this! The area here in the pictures is not our lawn, it's from the nearby park. You must have a park somewhere around you?


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