Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Greetings from Denmark

Suprise! I just came from Denmark. I told you I will have a post about the clothes lines, but you'll have to wait for that since I didn't get it finished before we left to our trip. We bought flight tickets in very short notice and just left. We booked a hotel room for three first nights and then we had no plan what we will do.

We stayed in Copenhagen for the first three days. We toured around the city with a hop on hop off bus, a big mistake! We should have rented a bike. All the locals used bikes all the time and there were very good biking routes every where in the city. The bus was slow and old and the time table was not good. Well we did see the city anyhow. We visited all the basic sights, like the little mermaid statue and Christiania and Kastellet island, but the best part of Copenhagen is the people and atmosphere of the city.

We also visited Tivoli, a very old amusement park in Copenhagen. It was not the biggest amusement park in the world but it had old charm which is good because I don't like the rides anyway.

After three days we rented a car to drive to the west of Denmark. We started out by going north along the cost and visited Helsingør, which had a nice castle and small old alleys. It also had a pretty good view to Sweden.

Then we continued to Roskilde and spent the night in a hotel in Sorø. Next morning we drove over the bridge towards Odense. 

We tried to avoid highways and drove in the countryside, there was lot of scenic routes with beautiful houses with thatch roofs and amazing gardens. Also there were plenty farm animals and fields with poppins on the sides.

Like I said we had not booked any hotels for the rest of the trip and I was bit afraid of what kind of hotels can we get. But we never got a bad hotel and actually I think we got very individual ones and perhaps even cheaper hotel rooms than we could have got with booking in advance.

On the third day we came to the west shore of Denmark. There are beaches and dynes along the shore for hundreds of kilometers. The wind was quite high so we didn't have a swim in the North sea. But since it's a windy country it had a lot of wind farms.

On the fourth day we had to drive with the highways since our flight was leaving that evening, but luckily Denmark is not a big country so we were in no huge hurry. So that was our trip. What I think I remember best from the land is the amazing wind farms and the countryside and all the flowers. It was definately worth a visit.

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  1. That sounds great! Thank you for sharing your pictures and the travelogue with us. Glad you enjoyed it, and had good hotels all along.


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