Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I went to blueberry

There is a small curiosity in Finnish language. I think it's quite hilarious when it's translated straight to English. When you go picking blueberries you say that you go to blueberry. You can also go to lingonberry, but if you want to pick rasberries you say that you go to pick rasberries. Also you can go to fish, but you cannot go to crayfish. Got it? I didn't, but that's how it goes.

Well I went to blueberry. I'm not much of a picker, I've never found a good spot where blueberries would bear lotta fruit. Also I'm slow. Usually it's the old women and Thai people who pick all their buckets full of berries and the rest, we don't even know where to look from. And so you know, if you've found a good spot you don't tell a soul about that, you keep it to yourself to the grave. That's how it goes here.

None the less it's nice to wander around in the forest and to pick atleast some blueberries to accompany the afternoon coffee and icecream.


  1. Mmmmm, those blueberries look so good! Interesting quirk in the language -- I find things like that fascinating. And the mention of lingonberries... oh my. I love them, but can't find them here at all, in the wild or in stores. (I used to be able to get them in sauce or syrup here, but not anymore.)

    It's a good thing I have some frozen blueberries in my freezer!!!

  2. Really you don't have lingonberries? I had assumed Canada is full of them, I thought all north countries would.

    Yay for the blueberries though!


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