Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Pot decluttering

I'm writing this wednesday post much later than normally, I usually write and go through photos on the evening before posting and then schedule the post to next morning. That way I can still read the post once again with fresh eyes and make quick corrections to spelling or grammar. But yesterday I got an extempore invitation to a friends birthday party and had no time to write. That's why this is unusually late.

Like I told before I got huge amount of pots from my now ex neighbour. Also I had lots of pots even before. I store most my pots in a trunk on the terrace. It was allready quite full. Now that I got nice new pots I was able to get rid of some of the pots I had but did not like.

I took all pots out from the trunk and cleaned inside the trunk. In general I'd like to get rid of as much stuff as I possibly can, I would like to simplify alot, but in some cases I'm having lot of trouble with it. Like these pots, I don't have use for all of them, but I like to have alternatives. So when it comes to pots simplifying is very difficult. But I will show you what I did keep. I did take lot of pots and stuff to the goodwill too, so atleast some progress got made.

These pots I had before and am going to keep. The pots in the following picture I allready showed you earlier, those I'm keeping too.

Can you see a pattern here? I only kept pots that were white, terracotta or metal and lots of light plastic pots for seedlings.

Then all those went back into the cleaned trunk. I store them upside down so the pots wont fill up with water or dirt, since the trunk is outdoors and has plenty of gaps on the top and sides.


  1. Whew, how much energy you have!

    I like decorating and sewing a lot but I'm more like a thinker and dreamer type of person than a doer. For example I have many piles of fabrics waiting for the inspiration. Anyway I enjoy finding ways to hide all the stuff and to feel space as much as possible in these square meters.

    That office stool was gorgeous! Second hand findings are always so nice.

    Thank you for ideas and inspiration for decluttering!


    Our friend (and my colleague) A mentioned me today that you have a blog and I read all the posts straight away at home :)

  2. Hi T!
    I instantly knew who you are :), well A said she will give the the link to you, so not much detective work was needed.
    I'm glad you enjoyed reading my blog and thanks for the comment, those are allways nice to get.

    And about fabric, you're not the only one with the piles...

  3. Nice pots! I'm sure you will find plants for them, in time.

  4. Thanks, I will. But hopefully not to all in once :) That woud be too much to plants to take care for.


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