Friday, 22 July 2011

I'm drowning in pots but my plants are not

My neighbour moved away which is sad because she is a nice lady. We had common interest in gardening. She loved her yard, but found that she was getting too old to live alone in a big apartment and now she moved to an apartment building not too far away. Since she moved to a much smaller apartment she needed to downsize considerably and invited me to check if there would be any gardening stuff and tools that I would like to have. And ofcourse there were.

All those things in the photo are stuff that she donated to me. Also she gave some tools that are not shown in the picture. She was in bit of a rush with the moving and said that what I will not take will go to trash, so I took actually everything that was not junk. Most of the pots will be donated further, I will only keep these pots shown in the below picture.

I took all that she wanted to give away because I did not like the idea of usefull stuff going to the trash. I have a heavy load to take to the goodwill. I did have lots of other pots before too so I need to go through those and deside what I'm going to keep all in all. Now I'm actually drowning in pots.

Few of the pots I got did not have a draining hole on the bottom, which I think is pretty necessary at least for outside plants. I thought that I could drill a hole to the pots, I was slightly afraid that the pots will break but then desided to go for it anyway, atleast I'm not loosing anything if they would break. I taped both sides of the bottom of the pot and used a support piece underneath. Not sure those things were actually needed, but I tried to avoid the chipping. (The following three pictures I had to take with my cell since A has took our camera to his sailing trip, so sorry about the quality)

First I used a drill bit that can be used for drilling sheet metal, but it made the most horrible sound, you know that sound that a chalk can make on chalkboard, but much louder. Ouch! Then I changed to a wood drill bit, it also made a sound but nothing as bad as the first. It drilled fine and made hole to the pots.

The white pot I drilled from the inside. The egdes of the holes chipped mildly from the other side, but I think it's ok, it can not be seen anyway when there are plants on the pots. If I would need to drill a tile or something I'd be way more particular about this.

There they are, the holes, now my plants won't drown in their pots.

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