Friday, 26 August 2011

The book archive

Want to see something truly horrible?

There it is, isn't that horrible?

You remerber the old neighbour that moved away to a much smaller apartment? Well she showed us some books if there would be something that we would like, we took some books, mainly novels, but a very moderate amount. Then A visited her place again to check the books and I have no idea how but the end result was that A took all her books that she did not want to keep.

And there were a few books...

And some more...

So my decluttering of the office has been interrupted. You can understand I'm not that happy about these books, A is not planning to keep these books, that's for sure but this project of his, I have no intention to take part in this, has not seen much progress in the last month. My actions on simplifying have been annulled.

But to be fair I have plenty of unfinished projects too, I'm sure he'll do something to the books one day... hopefully.


  1. Well, it may be time to put them in boxes. I have such a hard time getting rid of books that I am very careul about letting them in.

  2. I don't have hard time giving away books, but A seems to have, that's probably why this is taking so long

  3. Oh no! Terrible. My work mate just told how hard he had trying to get rid of the books he had. "Lähetystori" did not accept those and finally he had to bring those to dumping area and PAY to get rid of those... I prefer going to the libary instead of having dusty old books in my home. Take care, hopefully you'll have some kind of solution.


  4. AS

    I know, that's what makes it even more horrible. I prefer library too... which reminds me, I have to visit library today, I have some books to return


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