Monday, 15 August 2011

How to soften crystallized honey

Honey tends to crystallize over time, some honey crystallizes faster than others and in stores there is also sold soft honey that stays that way for months or even years. But if you only have crystallized honey at home, it can be softened very easily.

Put the amount of honey you need in a jar, then place the jar in a pot that has some water in it. Bring the water to boil and stir the honey inside the jar a few times. You'll instantly notice the honey starts to soften.

Once the honey is soft remove the jar from the water, close the cap and remember to lick the spoon.

The honey will stay soft for a few weeks and then it starts to crystallize again. Then you can do the process again to make it soft, but my approach has been to soften only the amount of honey we will need in next two to three weeks.

And what do we do with the soft honey? Mainly we add it to natural yogurt that we usually eat for breakfast, also it's extremely good on top of goat cheese.

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