Friday, 12 August 2011

Poutch for sun sail

It's been raining everyday since last sunday. I removed the sun sail atleast for a few days, since it's not needed much at this weather and it will only get dirty hanging there. When I do take the sun sail down and then I fold it to a nice bundle it does not stay in that form for too long because the fabric is very slippery. That means that it needs to be tied together somehow or it needs to be kept in a bag of somesort.

I desided to go with the bag solution. Also I have my grandmother's serger on loan and I got it from maintenance a few weeks back, so I wanted to try it out. I had to thread the machine, since they took the threads out in the maintenance. Threading the machine was really difficult, not technically maybe, but all the places inside the machine are so small that even with my tiny fingers I could not do it. No wonder my grandmother who is over 80 and half blind and has rheumatism had some difficulty threading the machine. Have some tweezers near by when doing this job.

After I finally did manage to thread the machine I was ready for some sewing. I used the same fabric left from the sun sail project. I just folded the fabric and sewed the edges together. Then I slipped the sun sail in and clipped the corners to make the poutch more box type.

I left a flap on the opening end and added two eyelets to it.

I finished the egdes on the flap with my regular sewing machine and sewed on two strings to the pouch. Then it was done. I slipped in the sun sail and closed the flap using my own special sailor's knot, the bow.

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