Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Electric work - part one

Sometimes things just don't go as they should. Sometimes things don't go well at all. I needed certain cable and a plug to the end. I searched and googled for half a day and could not find anything. I needed cable of size 3G1,0mm which had diameter of 7mm. There was plenty of cable available in size 3G1,5mm or if they were the right size they were too short. Then I visited two stores and bought one cable with plug, but at home I noticed it's diameter was too large. Also I noticed that there was huge difference in the diameter even in the same "size" cables.

I did some reseaching again through the internet and then desided to go visit one more store. I found what I needed, the cable was bit too wide but desided that will do. Then I noticed I had forgot my wallet home. Poop! After some cursing I drove home to get the wallet and then returned to the store. Such a useless afternoon! But all in all I did get about what I wanted and I can work with it.

I was hoping the whole project would have been finished by now, but no. I expect it to be finished by friday, check the part two post then.

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