Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Reusable vegetable bag

I was at the local grocery store and found there a reusable vegetable bag, which was made from a very thin fabric. It was sold as charity for the Red Cross/Red Crescent and I bought one (with beans).

I don't like to put the vegetables in the plastic bags they have in stores so I though this is the perfect thing to have when doing groceries. But one would not be enough. I had bought fabric for sheers for the kitchen long ago, but never made the sheers and I think I will not even like sheers there so I had some extra fabric. So I desided to make four reusable bags more.

The bags were fairly simple to make. I added a casing on top where I slipped in two thin bands with a safety pin.

With the two bands I can close the bag. Now all the five bags are in the shopping bag waiting to be used for the first time. Nice to get good use for the fabric I bought and I'm happy to use these reusable bags instead of new plastic bags everytime.

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