Friday, 19 August 2011

Gift wrapping

My sister just had her birthday and a friend of mine is having a graduation party, so some gift wrapping needed to be done. 

I had got a book each, books are super fun to wrap. In a way they are so easy to wrap but also there is a big surface to decorate on top. This time I used wall paper for wrapping, it's thick enough so even white wallpaper can be used without the person receiving it being able to see through to what's inside tha package. Also I used wall paper because the ones I have are pretty and the only gift wrapping paper I have is kind of Christmassy.

Then I did some experimenting. I found lace from my crafts stash and desided to use that. To the other gift I wanted quite different look and used origami butterfly and some string.

I think those turned out great, pretty but still simple. It feels good to give presents with nice wrapping.

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