Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Brush for the pram wheels

So far we have not got much snow and all the snow we have got has melted in couple of hours. But from the experience from those few snowy hours I know the pram wheels will collect dirty snow all over them. Because we keep the pram in the entry the dirty snow will melt there and make the place discusting. We do have a good rug in the entry so it's not a huge problem but it would be better if the snow did not come inside at all. So I bought a brush that can be used for cleaning the pram wheels.

To have the brush easily accessible I hammered a nail into the wall and hung the brush there. Now there hangs a broom and the brush. Hanging the broom on the wall next to the door is an idea I originally stole from Chez Larsson long long time ago.


  1. Great idea! We have had 17cm of snow already this winter.

    1. Wow that much! In the north we have exceptionally much snow but south Finland seems to get a black Christmas.


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