Friday, 13 December 2013

Crocheted hamburger and other foods

As a part time crafts blogger the Christmas season is a difficult time for blogging. There are so much happening in the craft front but I can't blog about them or then I would ruin the surprice for the ones who are receiving the crafts as Christmas presents. But now I'm showing one craft I did for a present. For A's god daughter I made some crocheted food. A's god daughter is two and a half years old, I highly doubt she is reading this blog.

My mom loaned a book Tasty cute: 25 Amigurumi Gourmet Treats by Annie Obaachan for me, it was really inspiring, I couldn't resist, I just had to start crocheting. At first I did not even know who to make the amigurumi for, but then remembered A's god daughter. I think she is in the age where kitchen play is lot of fun.

I made a hamburger following the book's instructions, I wasn't happy with the salad on the book so I made my own version. Also the hamburger did not have any cheese and I think cheese is vital in a hamburger so I made a slice of cheddar.

Then I made a sunny side up egg. There were no instructions for that in the book, I just made it from the top of my head. After the egg I made a bread, which is topped with cheese, a slice of ham, some cucumber and sliced egg.

I meant to only do the hamburger but once I started it was so difficult to stop, these were so fun to make. These are also excellent projects for scrap yarn, I was able to use up some odd bits of yarn and I also filled them with smaller pieces of scrap yarn.

The plastic frying pan I bought from a trift store. If I'd be two and a half I would love to play with these, I hope A's god daughter likes these.


  1. That is the cutest!

    I was recently thinking that if we had kids, I would have had a hard time with the toys, because they're usually ugly. Those would be fun to have around. Likka would probably love to have some too a year from now. :)

    1. Toys are usually ugly! All that plastic and the random colours, but that is how it goes. Hope Likka prefers some organization and puts stuff in containers at least once in while.
      I think I will make these sort of things for Likka later when she stars to find these interesting.

  2. Sweet! I'm sure she will enjoy them. I'e seen fruit made from felt, too. I bet Likka would love some soft blocks.(Just to mouth/chew for now, of course.)

    1. thanks
      likka has started to grab things, but mostly only her own hands go to her mouth. but very soon she will start to chew everything.


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