Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Prettifying trash cans

Before Likka was born I put together a diaper changing area in the bathroom. At that time I did not really pay attention to the trash cans that are needed for the used diapers, I just took two bucket from the cleaning cabinet and placed them on the bathroom floor.

It was practical but the buckets were not that beautiful, besided we need those buckets from time to time for other purposes. I originally did not pay that much attention to the diaper trash cans since we will not need them forever and so I did not think this would be that important, but once I realized that kids can wear diapers till the age of two I started to think otherwise. Two years is a long time to look at ugly buckets.

So once I realized that I was on a look out for more beautiful buckets or trash cans. Then I bumped into a pair of plastic trash cans at a trift store. The trash cans are originally from Ikea and not so beautiful on their own and as they were used they were also dirty.

To prettify the trash cans I used black electric tape and adhesive shelf paper which I happened to have at home and of course washed the trash can properly.

So much better I think, I think they are fun and nice looking.


  1. I just got rid of one of those exact bins because it wasn't pretty, and now I'm regretting it. Good thinking.

    1. well maybe you did not have that much use for the trash can anyhow, I think you would have kept it if it was important. Also you can always get a new one.
      I mainly bought these from the trift store because there was two similar ones.


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