Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas porridge

There are some disadvantages being on maternity leave, like that the rice porridge/pudding served in the canteen at work is not available for me. But I can make it myself. I also made plum kissel to eat with the porridge. This is a very traditional dish to eat here in Finland around the holidays, but usually the kissel is from dried plums.

I really like the waiting of Christmas, I think I like the waiting even more than the Christmas day itself. And I like to prepare for Christmas, like decorating and such, but I like to keep things simple still. For example a simple flower arrangement does it for me. Tulips are from the local market and the blueberry and lingonberry branches are from a near by forest.


  1. Yum! I love rice pudding and yours looks delicious. Btw I can spot the Muuto candle holder in the background ;)

  2. Thanks Nina. Now the candle holder has advent candles. I love that it's so low, I can burn candles in it even under the low hanging light fixture.


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