Monday, 16 December 2013

Nursery in the bedroom

I was going to blog about the nursery before Likka was born, but at that time I wasn't sure if we would leave the area like that or if it would need some changes. I just wasn't sure what a nursery needs, but as it seems it does not need much. Now after few months of use I can show our nursery because I know that it's a functional one.

The so called nursery, what does that word actually even mean? Is it a room or an area? I'm unable to translate that word. When I search that word from pinterest I see lots of images of huge rooms with a crib and diaper changing table and some cute nick nack. Anyway... we are clearly not having much from that. Our nursery, if this can be called a nursery, contains of a crib and a shelf in the bedroom. 

Having the crib in the bedroom does make the room bit crowded, but that is fine. We bought an older style crib because those are smaller than the newer ones. The width and especially the lenght is shorter. I made a bumper pad for the crib before Likka was born. I'm happy I made one. Likka tends to push with her feet so that eventually she bumps her head to the head of the bed. I don't think she can harm herself even if there were no bumper bad, but I like that there is some cushion in between.

We already had a small shelf in the bedroom where we kept used but not yet dirty clothes. We emptied that shelf so we can keep Likka's clothes on that. Most of Likka's clothes are stored in the office in boxes but the ones that do fit or are just about to fit are on that shelf. The top shelf has shirts and similar and the middle shelf has pants. On the bottom shelf are some outdoors clothes, which are still too big. Inside the cabinet are the bed linen for the crib and some bigger hats and mittens.

On top of the shelf are some containers with more of Likka's clothes and other necessary items.One of the containers has socks and other has hats. One of the smaller containers is empty and the other one has Likka's hair brush and comb. Also there is a small flash light which I used to use when checking Likka's diaper at night.

I haven't really decorated the nursery area, I did buy a house shaped shelf from Luhta for some keepsakes. The pineable decorations also refer to Likka's real name, I thought those would be funny, but I don't think we will have those on the wall forever.

So that's the nursery. Small, but there is everything Likka needs.


  1. They really don't need much room, do they. Our children slept with us--so though we had a crib, they were never in it! I regretted that very much, over time. It would have been better to get them used to sleeping alone from the start. Oh well. Those days are behind us now.

    1. No, they do not need much space, at least in the beginning.
      Likka sleeps most of the night in her crib, but often we move her to our bed on the morning, because she keeps dropping her paci and therefore can not get back to sleep. Moving her to our bed saves us from getting up every two minutes. But I think all of us sleep better when Likka sleeps in the crib.

  2. I'd call that a nursery....things are far too big and overdone here in the US (in my opinion). :)

    The little dollhouse-sized shelf is a great touch.

    1. I doubt many people in the US have such big nurseries. Kind of annoying that the pictures of the huge ones are considered as good inspiration, it does not really reflect reality.
      I like the house-shelf, although I had to visit two shops before I found an individual that was made well. Most of them were badly cut, so the plywood had chipped, or badly glued.


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