Monday, 9 December 2013

Schedule for cleaning

Before we used to clean together, it took one hour, A vacuumed all rooms and wiped the kitchen counters, I washed the toilet and bathroom and did dusting. Because I'm on maternity leave now I spend time at home all day and let's admit it, I have too much free time. Or at least more than A does. And since I am home all day I do get annoyed by the messiness in our home because I see it all the time. Now because of Likka, we might not have one full hour for the cleaning, or we might but it might not be when we want. Also because of that I had been thinking that I should divide the cleaning into different days, that way I am able to start and finish the cleaning in even very short time periods. That is why I have created a cleaning schedule to follow.

Because I also hate check lists my schedule is very undetailed. Check lists make me feel like the tasks on it are mandatory, and mandatory things are never fun. And since I'm not planning to print or write it down (any better than here on the blog) I have created a schedule that I can easily remember and it's based on the first letter of the weekdays.
Makuuhuone maanantai (bedroom Monday)
Changing sheets if needed, general tidying and dusting

Toiletti tiistai (toilet Tuesday)
This applies also to the bathroom, every other week is cleaning of toilet and every other the bathroom

Keittiö keskiviikko (kitchen Wednesday)
General tidying, dusting and wiping

Työhuone torstai (office Thursday)
Putting away some finished craft supplies, tidying and dusting

Perus perjantai (basic Friday)
Yeah, I'm having bit of trouble figuring a name for this, if you can think of something more suited I'm happy to hear some ideas. Anyway this day involves general tidying and dusting in the living room and in the entry.

I'm still leaving the vacuuming for A, because I hate vacuuming. It's so noisy and just annoying because of all the furniture on the floor. Then of course I do laundry and wash dishes and that sort of things, but those I can do when ever needed.

I've now followed this schedule for couple of weeks and it's working ok. Places do look better than before and at least once a week each room looks quite good. Do you have a cleaning schedule of some sort and how is it working?


  1. The simpler, the better for me as well. You inspired me to write about what I do in a post for tomorrow, I was going to write it up here, but it's too long for a comment.

    One additional thing that really helps me is to make habits out of certain cleaning tasks while I'm waiting for something else. For example, while the coffee is brewing, I wash the dishes. While I'm waiting for the water in the shower to warm up, I tidy and wipe down the counter and sinks. Turning things into a habit like that stops me from dreading it (especially dishes--I hate washing dishes) and you just end up doing it without even thinking about it.

    1. Can't wait to see your post!
      Good ideas! Although usually the coffee pot is the thing that needs washing up :D
      I think I need get creative and think of some tasks that could be done like that.

  2. Looks good! Happy to see your plan. I envy the frequency with which you are doing your tasks. For example, the bathrooms: I need to do both toilets and the floors weekly, the fixtures need a swipe daily. Unfortunately, I don't do the bathing area as often as I should.

    1. Thanks.
      It might also be that our standards in cleanliness are bit different, I don't mind if the toilet or bathroom gets a bit dirty in between cleaning. I actually quite prefer it that way, then I can see that the cleaning I do is worthwhile. Also there are still really only two people in our household using the toilets and bathroom and yours has four, I'm sure that has a big influence.


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