Monday, 9 January 2012


Hihhey! It's finally freezing outside. It's been minus seven or so Celcius (15 F) today. I've been quite waiting for it to get that cold. Not only because snow is nice and ice is nice, but because it's the perfect time to defrost and clean the freezer.

Not that it couldn't be defrosted any other time but when it's freezing outside all the food that's stored in the freezer can be taken outside and then you have all the time in the world to clean the freezer.

Our freezer has a handy nozzle that can be pulled out so all the water can be drained to a plate or a container. It sometimes leaks though so it must be checked from time to time.

So I take the food out and remove all the baskets from the freezer and take them to the bathroom for a wash. I clean them with diswashing liquid and a brush, then I rince them. I leave them in the bathroom to dry, while the freezer defrosts and while I clean the insides of the freezer.

Done! Cleaning the freezer is pretty easy. Only thing that takes long is the defrosting, but while that happens I can do something else.

And incase you are interested in what I have there and how it's organized. I have prepared food on the top drawer, icecubes and yeast on the white tray. Then on the second drawer I have non cooked meat and vegetables and on the bottom drawer I have berries and some baked goods, like muffins and cakes.


  1. How large is that freezer? I don't think we have ones that size, here. We have freezer compartments attached to fridges--and stand alone freezers either in a chest style or an "upright" style--like a fridge.

  2. I think it measures about 60x60x60 cm or 23x23x23 inches.
    The fridge is on top of the freezer and they are the same unit. This is not a very common size here either, usually there are four baskets. Therefore now we have a bigger fridge than normal and smaller freezer than normal. In finland we have very few of those freezers that are on the side of the fridge, but we do have those stand alone freezers too, both chest and upright. Those are very popular in bigger houses.


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